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The khukuri is a Nepalese knife with an inwardly curved blade, similar to a machete, used as both a tool and as a weapon in Nepal and some neighbouring countries of South Asia. Traditionally it was, and in many cases still is, the basic utility knife of the Nepalese people. It is a characteristic weapon of the Nepalese Army, the Royal Gurkha Rifles, Assam Rifles, Assam Regiment of Indian Gurkha Army, and of all Gurkha regiments throughout the world, so much so that some English-speakers refer to the weapon as a "Gurkha blade" or "Gurkha knife".
Though Khukuri became famous as a formidable weapons of Gurkha, The khukuri often appears in Nepalese heraldry and is used in many traditional rituals such as wedding ceremonies.
Lots of people used to keep Khukuri in their house as a souvenir as well as a status symbol. Some where khukuri use to present as an Honor. In the Nepalese Army, high-ranking officers are distinguished by the exquisitely tasteful patterns etched into the blades of their kukris. Senior members of Nepal’s royal family have similar but even more splendid etchings on their kukris. Army officer's kukris have semicircular insignias, while those of royalty bear circular insignias designating high caste. The idea of royalty and army wedded together, the latter in the loyal and devoted service of the former is symbolized by these priceless and decorative kukris, some of the handles of which are inlaid with emeralds and other precious stones.
The scabbards for these very superior kukris feature gold and silver mountings, whereas most standard scabbards are made of wood, leather or bone and incorporate very useful tiny pockets – not unlike miniature bullet pouches- into which tweezers, pen knives, nail clippers or scissors and the like can be inserted. The more decorative standard scabbards are inlaid with brass, colored glass, turquoise or lapis lazuli, and some of the ivory kukri handles imitate animals’ heads. But, whatever materials are used for the scabbards and handles Besically people from Kshetri, Thakuri, Rajput and Khas caste use to keep khukuri in their house and use to carry in the festivals and traditional ceremonies. During the marriage ceremony of  those caste people, Bridegroom have to carry a special khukuri with his marriage uniform, This kinds of Khukuri has scabbards covered by silver and red velvet cloth, Calls Kothimoda Khukuri. 

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