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How to unsheathe your Khukuri?

  • As a khukuri user, one should know how to unsheathe the khukuri from the scabbard. Here are some tips to safely take out the knife from the scabbard.
  • Do not encircle the scabbard with your finger while drawing out your Khukuri. This may cause injury.
  • At the time you want take out kukri from its scabbard, make always blade side opposite to your body.
  • If the blade is struck in the scabbard, don't try to take out with power but you can move blade up down couple of time and re-try to pull slowly   out.
  • Some of the kukris are more curve than normal. You need to be careful to take out the blade from the scabbard. The simple and safe way to take out blade from the scabbard is to follow with hand position how curve is the scabbard of it.
  • Hold the upper edge of the scabbard with your palm and fingers and then draw the   Khukuri slowly.

How to Maintain  your Khukuri?

  • You are requested to apply machine / gun oil, animal fat on the blade at least once a month or every time after use. As Kukris are made of carbon steel, make sure not to leave any fingerprint on the blade. The fingerprint could develop some rust on the blade.
  • Incase rust develops on the blade, rub it off with fine sandpaper, clean the dirt using some patrol, wipe it off with a clean cloth and apply oil.
  • Use shoe Polish for the leather case, Brasso for the brass fittings and silvo for silver cases.
  • Both sides of the blunt Chakmak can sharpen the blade. However, a sharpening stone is recommended.
  • Must take care not to expose the Khukuri Scabbard to the sun for a long period of time as heating may be help it to shrink a bit and hence making the blade difficulty to insert.


 Khukuri as looks as simple, it is a dangerous weapon also. So, there are some correct ways to use them so that we don’t face any accident from Khukuri.

  • Protect the cutting blade from metal, stone and other hardened items.
  • Exposure to Sun for long time may cause the scabbard to shrink a bit.
  • Make your blade always dry after use it and don’t forget to apply some lubricants on the blade to maintain it from the rust.


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